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Career Services has many handouts available on a variety of career topics:

Career Planning

Career Planning and Job Search Timeline

Top 10 Career Strategies for College Students

Las 10 primeras estrategias de desarrollo profesional para los estudiantes universitarios

Resume Information

Writing a Resume - Tips on how to write a resume...great start to creating a solid document.

Resume Checklist - Use this checklist to make sure you have all the basics of a resume completed.

Naming Your Skills - Use this list of more than 200 verbs to describe your skills to an employer when creating your resume and cover letter. This list is just a starting point for the many possible verbs you can use.

10 Top Pitfalls in Resume Writing

How to Write Accomplishment Statements on Resumes

Navigating Disclosure Issues in Resume Writing

Resume Writing for Veterans

Resume Examples

Chronological Resume Template

Chronological Resume

Functional Resume Template

Functional Resume

Combination Resume

Highlighting Coursework as Experience

Internship Resume Sample

Student Athlete & Leadership Experience

Study Abroad Experience Sample

Curriculum Vitaes

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CV Example


Reference Page Outline

Cover Letters

Cover Letter Outline and Example

Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Outline and Example


Interviewing Tips for Success

10 Rules of Interviewing

Interview One-Sheeter

Students with Disabilities: Acing the Interview

Informational Interviews

Job Search

Career Planning and Job Search Timeline

Job and Internship Search Checklist

Job Search Strategies & 15 Creative Job Hunting Techniques

How to Stand Apart From the Crowd

How to Find the Right Job

Researching Companies

Tapping the Hidden Job Market

International Students and the Job Search

Graduate School

Grad School Application Checklist Timeline

Is Graduate School Right for You?

Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Statement

Letters of Recommendation

Grad Students

10 Tips to Surviving Grad School

Job Search Timeline - Master Student - One Year Program

Job Search Timeline - Master Student - 2+ Year Program or PhD Student Seeking a Non-Academic Position

Job Search Timeline - PhD Student Seeking an Academic Position

Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

CV Example


30 Second Infomercial

Networking Prospects List

Networking - Making Connections

Dining Etiquette

Social Networking Websites

Professional Associations


Negotiating Skills

The Benefits of Company Benefits

Career Fair

Getting the Most Out of the Career Fair & Strategies for Success

Other Career Resources

Transitioning from College to the Workplace


Marketing Your Liberal Arts Degree

Working for a Nonprofit Organization

How to be a Star at Work

Career Development Resources for LGBTQA Students

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